Last year ago Google+ was relaunched with emphasis on communities of common interests. Danielle Buckley, Progress Manager of Google+ has announced Google+ is adding 3 new requested updates, rolling out over the next few weeks.

"After more than Fifty updates through Android, iOS and web, more & more people have discovered vibrant exciting Communities & creating inspiring exciting Collections more now than ever before,"  "It Is in the same spirit that we’re thrilled to add three fresh requested updates, rolling out over the few weeks, to Google+." stated Danielle Buckley, Progress Manager of Google+.

Hiding lower quality commentsHiding lower quality comments
Making lower quality, and or spam comments, simply available upon clicking. These would include short comments such as "nice post" or "great work" which aren't engaging and may not be heart-felt. You can still see these types of comments by clicking or tapping on a View more comments button or link.

Show more of what matters mostShow more of what matters most
Google+ has been adjusted to make more use of screen size and display less white space so more posts can be viewed. Reduced white space lets users view more content, and particularly photos can be visible in the largest layouts possible. A new zoom feature has also been added for better photo viewing and usability.

Events Being Brought Back

“We are now bringing Events to the new Google+," exclaimed Danielle. "While there’s more to be done to improve the experience, beginning January 24th you’ll be able to create and join events on Google+ web as you have in the past." Danielle adds that Events however will be unavailable for G Suite at launch of this feature.

With the new updates as stated, Google is turning off the classic Google+ on Jan 24.
"Just because we’re bidding farewell to classic Google+ doesn’t mean we’re done working on the new one.   We are listening & our goal is to make Google+ the best place to connect to the things you care about."

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Google Adwords Campaign Groups & Performance Targets New FeaturesGoogle has announced today that their Adwords products new features related to campaign groups and performance targets, both intended to make it easier for you to forecast & track performance of your marketing campaigns.

Campaign Groups

These new campaign groups features permits you to group all of your Google ad campaigns with display , search, shopping, & YouTube into one campaign, making ad campaigns easier to track and improve. Google is foreseeing marketers using these groupings to keep track of marketing themes thru their network of ad opportunities.

Google gave an example of a speculative campaign called Holiday Launch demonstrating where you can simply link your YouTube advertising stats with your ecommerce and search data.

Performance Targets

The feature for performance targets improves on your capability within Adwords to set goals, track clicks & conversions by your campaign group. Linking performance targets with the new campaign groups feature allows you to set target clicks & conversions across Google's network marketing platforms.

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2016 Google Updates & Changes Google Ranking Factors & Search Quality Guidelines

Google just completed main adjustments to its rater guidelines to factor the mobile domain, recognizing that users apply searching differently when using internet-connected devices all the time. The update can be found here (PDF)

Content & Links (content and links going into your site) are two of the most Important ranking signals & RankBrain has been announced as the third most important.  Page relevance & quality issues considerably impact web page rankings.



Some of the chief important ranking factors summary

1. Backlinking is the number one factor significant in effecting search ranking.
2. Site Authority plays a major role in page ranking.
3. Dedicated relative content improves ranking.
4. Longer unique quality content ranks higher.
5. Websites that are using HTTPS are doing superior to those that are matching websites using HTTP.
6. Image used in content increases ranking.
7. Connection with title tag keyword optimization & ranking.
8. Website speed is now playing a huge role in ranking signal. It does matters a lot.
9. Exact matching anchor text has a very strong impact.
10. Low bounce rate (give users reasons to move around your website) users improves ranking.
11. Mobile-Friendliness & Responsive Websites, also improves user experience.

The update can be found here (PDF)